You know what? I like cider made from cider apples. Wild State Cider has the Heritage Apple Cider which is made with Cider Apples from the UK.

Yeah, this Minnesotan Cider is made with British apples. This isn’t completely unheard of in the US market where apple juice from the UK is either concentrated or just pasteurised and shipped to the US. The benefit is that the American cider makers can get hold of varieties and flavours not available at scale locally. The drawbacks can be degraded juice depending on how it is concentrated and how it’s treated en route. These apples were grown on the Mangles family orchard in Somerset.

To be clear the Wild State Cider Heritage Apple does NOT use concentrated juice.Rear of the cider can showing it is crafted without concentrates

The Nose

The Wild State Cider Heritage Apple is subdued in the scent department. It is reminiscent of the other varieties I’ve recently tried. The Dabinett in the blend is there but you’ll need to sniff hard to find it.the label says: Heritage Apple it crafted with Chisel and Dabinett vintage apples, organically grown on the Mangle family orchard in Somerset, England. Dating back to the early 1900's, both varieties are bittersweet and high in tannin with tasting notes of smoke and earthy forest. The heritage juice was blended with fruity and aromatic modern dessert apples, creating a complex and mouth-watering cider unlike any other.

The Taste

Coming in at the dryer end of the spectrum this heritage cider is very approachable and easy to drink. The blending of the dessert apples with Dabinett and Chisel apples. The cider apples give it a bit of bight without overpowering. There is just enough tannin to give off the dabinette trade mark drying effect. I like it because there is a nice refreshing amount of fizz adding to the drinkability.

Final Thoughts on the Wild State Cider Heritage Cider

I don’t think I have tried an American made cider with British juice before. I totally understand what they are trying to achieve. I am putting this firmly in the category of gateway ciders. While it might not be the first cider someone new to the category will try due to rarity, it will be one of those that are getting the cider curious to dive a bit deeper to discover what true cider apples can do. There is certainly a spot in the market for that type of cider and the Wild State Cider Heritage Cider fills in perfectly

Product Heritage Apple
Company Wild State Cider
Sweetness Off-Dry
Alc/Vol 6.0%
Country of Origin America
Region Duluth, Minnesota. Apples from the UK

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