3 Sons Methode Traditionelle from 2019. Canberra’s best-known cider maker is mixing all sorts of apples to go for that champagne vibe in a cider.

Like a bottle of French champagne that uses many grape varieties to form a well-rounded flavour, The 3 Son’s Methode Tradionelle uses a shopping list of apples. Ready for it? Here we go. Kingston Blacks, Bulmers Norman, Improved Foxwhelp, Cimetiere de Blangy (check spelling), browns, brown snout, Yarlington Mill, Michelin, Stokes Red, and a few others.

Being a Methode Tradionelle, that means it has gone through a malolactic fermentation phase before some autolysis. Basically, autolysis is when the dead yeast cells break down and impart flavour onto the cider. This helps add a biscuity or brioche taste.

Don’t worry there isn’t any dead yeast in the bottle by the time you buy it. Once the flavours have been disgorged, which is the process of ejecting the segment from the bottle before it is corked

black side of the 3 Sons Methode Traditionelle bottle

The Nose

Big bright zesty fruit nose coming off the 3 Sons Mothode Tradionelle’s crystal clear liquid. There is bucket loads of lemon and banana.

The Taste

Lucious, absolutely luscious. First, the small bottle conditioned bubbles format foam washing the flavour around your mouth. Big crisp apple acids counteract those creamy bubbles. Hints of raspberry fade into a tempered lemon hum. I am reminded of a lemon curd tart with whispers of a biscuit base coming in from the time on the yeast during the bottle conditioning process. Despite aging for a few years, 3 Sons Methode Traditionelle is still plenty fresh and vibrant.

Final Thoughts on the 3 Sons Methode Traditionelle

This is a properly sophisticated bottle of cider. Put on your posh frock and pour a flute glass full, I mean you might be at home in lockdown but suit up people and enjoy this absolute class.

Product Methode Traditionelle 2019
Company 3 Sons Cider
Sweetness Dry
Alc/Vol 7.5%
Website 3sonscider.com.au
Country of Origin Australia
Region Canberra, ACT

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