Big Shed Brewing is a South Australian brewer that has been dabbling in apple ciders. Luckily this instance they aren’t mucking around and have delivered the Big Shed Brewing Straight Up Cider.  

Over the last 20 years, Big Shed Brewing has grown from a few mates’ hobby to a bigger shed, then a bigger shed and then an even bigger one. With their tap house, a need to satisfy the non-beer drinkers led to the creation of a cider. While these brewers tend to be pretty experimental with their beers, they have kept it clean and simple using just Barossa Valley apples to create, as they say, sensible cider. I’m going to take a guess these apples are mostly eating apples rather than purpose bred cider apples.

  The rear lable of the cider can showing it is slightly towards the drier end of the spectrum and it a certified interdependent maker

The Nose 

A light and fruity scent typical of the Barossa Valley. The strongest element is the bright acids letting you know that more than a few eating apples are in the mix. The smell coming from the freshly poured can is on the sweeter end of the spectrum. 

  A can of Straight Up Apple Cider showing 4.8% ABV

The Taste 

The first thing I’ll note is the taste is not as sweet as the scent. Instead, it is a much more pleasant medium to medium dry sweetness. The Straight Up Apple Cider is surprisingly low on fizz, again making it rather easy to drink. We have plenty of crispy eating apples on display here, It’s high in acid making it a good match to the dude food on the Big Shed Breweries menu. 

Final thoughts on the Big Shed Brewing Straight Up Cider 

The guys at the Big Shed opened their brewery up to the public with a big burger menu and plenty of beers on tap. Judging by their social feed it looks like a cruisy place to catch up with mates. But there is always one mate (me) who doesn’t drink beer. So, they needed to create a cider with widespread appeal, this hits that brief. Yes, they could have pushed the boat out further to please the cider nerds but that would have only alienated the casual drinkers, so I think it’s well suited to its place and purpose. There is nothing outrageous about it. It’s just a Straight Up Apple Cider. 

Product Straight Up Apple Cider
Company Big Shed Brewing
Sweetness Medium Dry
ALC/VOL 4.8%
Country of Origin Australia
Region Barrasso Valley, South Australia

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