Meadow Lark Apple Cider, I found this bottle in the local chain bottle shop amongst a sea of “ciders” with other fruits and spices added in. This seemed to be the most appley and therefore most suitable for Real Cider Reviews.

When I got home, I started to research the Meadow Lark Apple Cider. I couldn’t find much info on it other than listing on various retailers’ websites. Nothing from the makers which is odd. So maybe we should jump straight to the tasting.

The Nose

The Meadow Lark Cider has hints of green apples and sweet fresh apple juice. I wonder if this has been fermented to dry and then back-sweetened?

The Taste

Are you familiar with those bright and fruity ciders with not a lot of depth, well this is one of those. Some fresh juicy elements hint that it may have been back sweetened with perhaps some pink lady juice. It’s medium sweet with plenty of acids but no bitterness or tannin structure. It’s a little thin and probably couldn’t stand up to a hearty meal. This finish is surprisingly long.

Final Thoughts on the Meadow Lark Apple Cider

My local bottle shops have been flooded with “ciders” that have no maker’s website. Normally a cider maker will be as proud as punch about their product. They are only too willing to tell you about their unique climate for growing tasty apples and special cider-making techniques. So why do cidermakers like Meadow Lark Cider not want to tell us about where their apples are grown or how the cider is made? Maybe they are using apple concentrate and fake flavours. Hopefully, it is just because they are sourcing apples on the open market without dedicated orchards.

Out of all these anonymous ciders, this one is pretty drinkable. It’s completely inoffensive and just as forgettable.

Product Meadow Lark Apple Cider
Company Idyll Wine co
Sweetness Sweet
Alc/Vol 5%
Country of Origin Victoria
Region Moorabool

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