Last year I looked at the Spreyton Cidermakers Select 2016 Vintage. I was impressed at how much, their already good cider, had improved. Following up on the success of that vintage they have release the 2017 edition. It had a bit of a name change. Now it flies under the moniker The Big Q. Q being for Quality.Spreyton The Big Q Bottle

Other than the name a few other things have changed since last years’ vintage. More of the cider specific apple trees are bearing fruit so more can be used in the cider. There is also a little bit less back sweetening with Coxes Orange Pippens. This is where more of the heavy tannin apples shine.

As I said the “Q” is for Quality. This starts back at the orchards. Spreyton started as an apple juice company. They have their own orchards and work closely with other local orchards. This means that they can get exactly the type of quality of fruit they are looking for. Tassie, is well known for producing quality apples. The Big Q is using Bulmers Norman, Kingston Black, Yarlington Mill, Sturmer Pippin, Gravenstien, and Cox’s Orange Pippin. All of these apples are enjoying a bit of a resurgence in the Tasmanian orchards after a long absence.Spreyton The Big Q Review

The Nose

Warm and inviting apple and apricot, a little bit of acetone. With some bitter sweet and bitter apples. The Cox’s Orange Pippin does show itself here.

The Taste

Pouring this cider you get a big frothy head. That froth fills your mouth on the first sip.

As the fizz dies down there is plenty of big fruit giving the impression of a sweeter cider but the mellow drying tannins knock that idea on the head pretty quickly. The smell and the taste don’t really sync. The scent is much warmer than this fresh and fruity taste. It strikes a balance between complex and lively. It’s like a fine champagne except much more interesting and not as acidic. Rolling bitters give way to a crisp finish.

Final Thoughts on The Big Q

The Big Q is all about quality over quantity. It’s a limited run of 4000 bottles, I’ve already had 1 so you better get in quick. I’ve said it before, these bottle condition ciders, the Big Q is a perfect example, are far more interesting and complex than any sparkling wine. They are often much cheaper too. It begs the question why are we not seeing these in fancy bars and restaurants? Perhaps it can be our little secret.

Product Cidermakers Select Vintage Select 2017 – The Big Q
Company Spreyton Cider
Sweetness Medium dry
Alc/Vol 5%
Country of Origin Australia
Region Spreyton, Tasmania

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