I decided to review Tilse’s Apple Truck cider after seeing it my local pub. They poured the pale cider from the tap into an icy schooner. Produced at top end on the Hunter in the little town of Scone, Apple Truck Cider is the mostly locally made cider to where I grew up. When reviewing ciders I’m always interested in how the local climate affects the flavours.
Scone is on the eastern side of the Great Dividing Range in the Hunter Valley region of New South Wales. The winters do get chilly which apples need to fruit. While the summers have plenty of sunshine. The Granny Smith and Red Delicious love conditions like this. These Granny Smiths make a very clear and pale cider.
Luke Tilse of Tilse Cider told me:

The location of our orchard is special due to the fact that it is positioned between the confluence of two rivers which never run dry. Obviously making for extremely well watered soil. We have around 35 acres between the Omadale brook and the beginnings of the Hunter River. The property is at the foot hills of the Barrington Tops which makes for very cool winters, yet long hot summers. Frosts have been an ongoing issue for us, effecting our crop size dramatically if we get a couple of poorly timed ones.

Back of the Apple Truck Cider BottleThe sunshine and ample water make for sweet and juicy apples. This is another great example of the Australia style Cider being lighter that the British styles while being made primarily from eat apples. A Tradition born out of a need to create new markets for fruit.


The Nose

Slight cider house scent comes thought the Granny Smiths. This isn’t as fragrant as something like the Barossa Cider.

The Taste

Juicy sweet Granny Smith taste up from. Lots of fine beads of CO2 give a slight acidic taste. The very pale cider is best served very cold. When it warms up a little the sugary after taste hangs around longer. Fresh from the tap how every the finish short and crisp. The sweetness is gentle balanced against a light tartness.

Serving Suggestions

I think it is best served on tap. I have tried it from the bottle and on tap and I found if it is from the bottle pour it over a couple of ice cubes. From a schooner or pint glass you get more of the fragrances which add to the experience. The Tilse website offer suggestions on using the Apple Truck Cider as a base for cocktails. I’m no cocktail expert but they read like they would do what cocktails do best, Pack a Punch!

Final Thoughts on Tilse’s Apple Truck Cider

I’m see Apple Truck Cider in more places in bottle and on tap around Sydney and in the Hunter Valley. It’s Certainly a welcome change to the Bulmers and Strongbow. A recent deal with Rocks Brewings Co will see the Apple Truck Cider available in more pubs in Sydney and Brisbane. If you like a sweeter cider Tilse’s Apple Truck Cider might be for you.

Product Tilse’s Apple Truck Cider
Company Tilses
Sweetness Medium Sweet
ALC/VOL 5.2%
Website AppleTruckCider.com.au
Country of Origin Australia
Region Hunter Valley, New South Wales

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