Friday morning, it cold, it’s wet. I’m on my bike in the park, a few quick laps before work. Headphones on. Music? No that’s for Friday nights, not mornings. Podcast it is. It’s time for Cider House Rules Podcast.

OK, you may have worked it out, I’m not actually reviewing a cider, instead I’m reviewing a podcast that reviews ciders. Yes this is more meta(data) than Tony Abbot can handle.


The hosts of the Cider House Rules Podcast. Aiden on left and Matt on right.

The duo from Melbourne have been podcasting about cider for a couple of years now. This season, fans have been shocked by the sudden departure of Cider Man. The much-loved character fixes awkward situations by giving everyone a cider. Who doesn’t want that to happen to them?

This season has seen the launch of a new segment which, oddly for a cider podcast, talks about treats from the bakery. The other new feature is a guest appearance. This week, the guest just happened to be me. We had a chat about a couple of ciders including last weeks review, Yarra Valley’s Jazz Apple as well as the Custard and Co Dry and Willie Smith’s Organic Cider

The Nose

Good thing it was a phone interview. Recording studios always have a unique musk.

The Taste

I could really go a cronut.

Final Thoughts on Cider House Rules Podcast Review

It’s was great fun being interviewed for the show. I would gladly do it again.

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