Golden Axe – When Geeks Mean Business
8 years ago

Golden Axe – When Geeks Mean Business

I’m here to chop wood and drink cider, and I’m all out of wood. The Golden Axe Cider is here, but I think this lumberjack has been cutting hay.

Golden Axe Cider caught my eye with some great graphic artistry on the label. Featuring a computer generated caricature of a lumberjack, the Golden Axe really stands out on the shelf. That’s only superficial. The geeks behind the cider sound like my type of people. Read More

Lucky Duck Cider Company

I have to be honest I wasn’t expecting much from this Lucky Duck Cider when I picked it up in the shop. I first heard about it on social media. This coupled with a trendy label, I thought it was going to be all show and no go. Boy was I wrong.


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