Cider made from traditional cider apples is pretty rare. An Aussie perry from perry pears is a about as rare as a full set of teeth at a ice hockey match. Herny’s of Harcourt have pulled out a perry made from real perry pears and called it the “Gylden Paere”.

So what’s so special about these pears? While Greenhorse, Yellow Huffcap, Moorcroft and Gin might sound like extra’s from Harry Potter, they are actually the 4 pears used in the Gylden Paere. The Greenhorse pear is interesting because it looks like an apple. If you want to know if a fruit is a pear or an apple; apples float and pears sink in water. Never trust anyone who suggests going bobbing for pears.Gylden Paere cider

These pears were chosen for their high tannin levels. What makes these pears rare in Australia is the fact that pear trees are very slow growing. Most apples trees will give you a decent crop after 4-5 years. These pears will only really start fruiting in 5-10 years. Pears for your heirs as they say.Gylden Paere review

The Nose

A heavy perry pear looms in the top of the glass. A slight acetone and alcoholic notes. It’s  bigger scent than you would expect from a still perry or cider.

The Taste

Henry of Harcourt have created a smooth and light perry full of subtleties and nuances. Upfront there is a gentle pear sweetness and the freshness of a crushed mint leaf. Served perfectly chilled the Gylden Paere is light and delicate. As my glass warms, bold tannins announces their presence like a confrontational chardonnay only without the woody brashness. The warmer glass reveals some chalky minerals.The finish is clean, suddenly Gylden Paere disappears like a shadow in the night leaving behind the memory of the pears sweetness.

Final Thoughts on the Gylden Paere

I have one major criticism on Henry of Harcourt’s Gylden Paere: This has got to be the hardest bottle I have ever tried to open. The crown cap shrink wrapped into place took me 2 bottle openers and 5 minutes to open. Why are they trying to keep me out of such a nice perry? Is it because this cider shouldbe saved for dinner friends? I don’t know but there has been some careful cider (perry) making that have gone into this product. This is far more than a lower alcohol version of fine white wine, it’s a top shelf drink.


Product Gylden Paere
Company Henry Of Harcourt
Sweetness Medium Dry
Alc/Vol 8%
Country of Origin Australia
Region Harcourt, Victoria

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