Seems like it is Heritage Blend month here at Real Cider Reviews. This week it’s the turn of Small Acres Heritage Blend. 

Small Acres is based in the NSW town of Orange, famous for its snowy winters so get those chill hours in. While the summers are sunny without being roasting hot, the new Small Acres team use these conditions to grow a mix of cider and dessert apples. They had a bumper season this year, so they were able to pick and choose apples from across the orchard including Kingston Blacks, Cimitiere de Blangy, Somerset Redstreak and Stoke Reds from the cider section and some Pink Ladies from the eating apple section.Small Acres Heritage Blend Bottle label

Yes, that’s right the new Small Acres team. Recently the orchard and cider house has changed hands with James Kendell handing over the reins to Nick and his wife Jannene. The Heritage Blend is one of the first ciders to be released under the new owners. It is designed to sit between the mainstream Pomme cider favourites to the top-shelf cider like the Cats Pajamas.

The Nose

The nose on Small Acres Heritage Blend, is extremely subtle. I’m sniffing hard to pick up little bits of sour cherry and acidic green apples and cut grass

The Taste

Bam, that’s an acid and bitters kick in the face, wowee, I wasn’t ready for that. The acids hang around late into the game when some tannins try and take over and dry out the finish. There is plenty of tangy dessert apple fruit (pink ladies) bouncing off lively sharp little bubbles.

Final Thoughts Small Acres Heritage Blend

I’m not sure about the heritage label because the Small Acres Heritage Blend is thoroughly modern, it’s bold and anything but bashful. It doesn’t remind me of any traditionally made cider I’ve ever had. Instead, this should be part of the 4th course of a degustation menu at some celebrity chef’s restaurant overlooking Sydney Harbour, right next to a slightly too small piece of pork belly and Davidson’s Plum gel.

Perhaps this is really the Small Acres Bold Blend?

Product Heritage Blend
Company Small Acres
Sweetness Off dry
Alc/Vol 6%
Country of Origin Australia
Region Orange,  New South Wales

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