The Taunton Cider Co Vintage 2019 is is about as Somerset as cider comes. Local apple varieties, grown locally, all from a single season.

The Taunton Cider Co can trace its’ history back over 200 years. It’s been through many hands and been reborn a few times but this iteration released its first bottles in 2016.

They have a philosophy that all the fruit has to come from within a 30 mile (48km) radius of the town of Taunton. Then this cider only uses fruit from 2019. Combine these two facts and you can really produce a cider that tells the story of this time and place. It makes me want to have 3 or 4 of these cider from sequential years and maybe a rainfall chart to see how the weather from the region affects how the ciders turn out and really tell that story. The cider is matured so that’s more time for the local conduction to imprint on to the final cider.

The Nose

The astringency come in hard. Like a strong apple cider vinegar tempered by a slight brown sugar. It’s bracing and bold.

The Taste

If this was a dog, it’s bark is worse that its bite. The taste is much softer that the scent. Immediately as the cider hits your mouth, it’s sweet and fruity with smooth texture lifted with odd fine bubbles. It’s only later in the mouthful when that astringency from the scent comes back into play.

Final Thoughts on The Taunton Cider Co Vintage 2019

The Taunton Cider Co Vintage 2019 is very Jekyll and Hyde, smooth and juicy upfront then sharp, astringent and just a hint of apple cider vinegar to keep you on your toes.

The Cider is a good reflection of what Somerset ciders and specifically what this microclimate and year has to offer. The wine world has been telling their time and place stories for decades. It’s time ciders did the same and were recognised as having the same terroir. The Taunton Cider Co Vintage 2019 is poster child of how to do it.

Product Vintage 2019
Company The Taunton Cider Co
Sweetness Medium Sweet
Alc/Vol 6%
Country of Origin British
Region Taunton, England

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