Twas the day before Christmas and all the creatures where stirring, especially in this house. Stockings were hung by the chimney, bugger it I’m off the the pub. Christmas in Edinburgh is cold and the pubs are warm. In an effort to drink local I’ve got myself a bottle of Thistly Cross Traditional Cider.

When you think of Great British ciders Scotland is about as far from the famed West country as you can get. But thanks to jet steams of warm summer air it is possible to grow the odd apple up here. In fact Thistly Cross rely on donated apples for much of their juice.
It’s dosed with a champagne yeast before the cider is left to mature for at least 6 months.Thistly Cross Traditional Cider review

The Nose

A real wintery wet leaf vibe going on, that provides the base. The heart is all caramel all day. On top a fresh dose of apple blossom and ripe apples.

The Taste

Thistly Cross Traditional Cider is undeniably sweet, chewy like a caramel toffee. To make it more sessionable just a wee kick of bitterness fights gallantly to be noticed against a brigade of over ripe apples. The bitterness may win the battle but will lose the war. We are dealing with a lightly sparkling cider with a very full and thick mouth feel. The finish is long and smooth.

Final Thoughts on the Thistly Cross Traditional Cider

There is no other words to describe this but sessionable. It’s crying out to be joined by a salty bar snack. A burger with bacon, a bowl of pork scratchings, hell if you drink with you pinky finger raised some Kalamata olives all work well with this one. As a cider to be drunk by itself, I don’t know how well it works but I don’t think that’s the goal of the Thistly Cross Traditional Cider. These two, ok three, worked well warming me up from the cold weather outside the pub with a big old burger.

Product Traditional Cider
Company Thistly Cross
Sweetness Medium sweet
Alc/Vol 4.4%
Country of Origin Scotland
Region Dunbar

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