The Tricky Cider Company is about as top-secret as ciders get. Tricky’s Medium Sweet real cider is made on an ex army base somewhere on the Devonshire and Somerset border by two blokes known as the hairy one and the tall fella. Lets crack this code and review this cider.

Tricky Medium Sweet cider bottleBe honest with yourself, if your reading this I bet you’ve thought to yourself I wish I could give up this job and go make awesome cider.  That’s what Steve and Alistair did. What started off as a hobby quickly took over their lives. Pretty soon there was no time left for a 9 to 5 job. That’s when, in 2004, Trickey Farm dropped the “e” and Tricky Cider Company was born.

The pair use local apples and wild yeast to their advantage. Most of the apples are bittersweet from their own farm and other local orchards. Mixing sweetness and tennis for a nice full flavour.

The Nose

A very strong scent of caramelized fruits rushed out from underneath the crown cap. Gentle rolling bubbles whip up more smells from inside the pint glass, now it reminds me of a bag of lollies with Musk Sticks and pink marshmallows.

The Taste

Having had quite a lot of different English ciders in the last month I’ve started to think that English cider may be a little sweeter than the Aussie ones. An English Medium tends to be a fraction sweeter than a Aussie medium or maybe I don’t know the brands as well.  This Tricky Cider is labelled as a Medium Sweet so you can imagine my surprise to find that this isn’t all that sweet, in fact it is a very pleasant level for me. A lingering dryness at the finish, the type of suck the moister out of mouth dryness that comes from traditional cider apples. If you’re a sweet cider fan don’t be put off by this, the effect is pretty mild. The taste reminds me of a can of Irn-Bru without the weird chemically taste. When it’s cold this golden amber cider is very easy to drink.

 Final Thoughts on Tricky Cider

Tricky also make a Medium Dry cider which I’m really keen to try. Coming into this review, I have to admit I was expecting something much sweeter instead I found the last secret of the Tricky Cider, this is very easy to drink and should appeal to all your friends. Maybe that’s their trick?

Product Medium Sweet Cider
Company The Tricky Cider Company
Sweetness Medium
Alc/Vol 6%
Country of Origin England
Region On a top-secret location somewhere Devon / Somerset border, in Churchinford, just down the road from the primary school.

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