A few years ago, I wrote about the Scoundrels and Rogues Repeat Offender. Well, this bad boy dry cider is back at it with the Repeat Offender 2017 addition.

I’m lucky enough to have a bottle of the 2015 version and the 2017 version after visiting the winery on my trip pre-pandemic. I was planning a slightly different story but the baggage handlers had different ideas when they catapulted my bags off the plane. So, I have decided to compare the 2 vintages of the same product. Now I have done comparisons of how cider ages over time but that was with the same recipe, but this Scoundrels and Rogues have tweaked their recipe over time and dropped the alcohol levels. If you want to check out the original version, well you can read that here.

The Nose

This is an oak monster. Those oak barrels have left their fingerprints all over this scene. It reminds me of the scent of dessert wine. There is so much going on I need to remember it’s a cider, there are just a few astringent hints to remind you of those cider apples.

The Taste

Compared to the older version it’s a little bit dryer despite its lower alcohol. It’s got a solid tang going on. The older version is smoother and packing a bigger punch with just a little bit of funk. The 2017 version shouts loudly about being aged in those oak barrels formally used on the winery. The 2015 struts out a little more swagger and stands proud in its well-aged apple flavours, but bloody hell it knocks you around like a common thug, though it may be a team effort during this review.

Final Thoughts on the Repeat Offender 2017

Both are strong Ciders but I think it’s best to think about these as low alcohol wines, they have all the flavour to enjoy in a small glass, they are almost like a chardonnay just with the worst Chardy element removed and replaced with lovely astringent cider apple flavours.

If you like oaky ciders, get ready, you’re about to get a whack over the back of the head with a lump of  2by4 of the stuff.

Product Repeat Offender Dry Cider
Company Scoundrels And Rogues.
Sweetness Dry
Alc/Vol 7.5%
Website https://www.scoundrelsandrogues.com/
Country of Origin New Zealand
Region Christchurch, South Island

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