Does a sweet cider plus a dry cider equal Decadence? Peckham’s seems to think so because that is what they have done to make the Decadence cider. 

It is pretty common to blend different batches of apples together to get that perfect taste. I think this might be the first example I’ve seen where two blends, that go onto to be sold on their own, are blended together.

What makes it even more unusual is these blend a bone dry Dabinett with a much sweeter cider known as the Cidre de Glace, which, itself is a blend of Kingston Black and Sweet Alford. One of the sweeter ciders in Peckham’s range

All of these apples are grown in the Nelson Region of the South Island of New Zealand.

Peckham's Decadence can sitting against a brick wall

The Nose

This is Decadence. It smells like a cider should. Rich Kingston Black and Dabinett apples climb out of the glass. There is a slight sweet cherry scent mixing with autumn leaves. It is very inviting.

The Taste

This thick cider is punctuated by tiny bubbles. The mix of the dry and sweet ciders plays out with the sweet Kingston Blacks and Sweet Alfords coming in first with all the fruity goodness. Then it tails off into a dry cider where the Dabinetts shine through with smokey leathery notes and hints of bitterness.

Final Thoughts on Peckham’s Decadence

So how does this pan out in the end? Is it a sweet cider or a dry cider? Well the answer is yes. It’s both. Starting off sweet and finishing dry but silky smooth throughout. It is that texture that gets me excited about this cider. It’s thick and creamy and I just want to drink more of this decadence. I think this is the best Peckham’s cider I have ever had.

Product Decadence
Company Peckham’s Cidery & Orchard
Sweetness Medium
Alc/Vol 8.3%
Country of Origin New Zealand
Region Upper Moutere, Nelson, South Island

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