The 2018 Batlow CiderFest is a two-day event featuring the Cider Industry Conference on Friday 18 May, followed by Batlow CiderFest street festival on Saturday 19 May. You’ll never guess whose speaking…

Peter Mitchell

Peter Mitchell, British cider expert, will be speaking at this years conference.

This years conference has a who’s who of big names of cider. Headlined by the UK’s Peter Mitchell – Drawing on his 30 years of practical experience Peter is a highly qualified and internationally recognised authority in cider & perry production. He is a professional trainer and presenter, acts as an advisor to clients across the world, is a UK and USA competition judge, an author and an award-winning producer in his own right.

Other speakers include Sam Reid of Willie Smiths and Cider Australia, Darren McKenzie the Dan Murphys cider manager and James Kendell of Small Acres. I’m looking forward to hearing Madeleine Way speak on Mapping Australian Cider’s uniqueness for the production of high quality cider. Dr Nigel Swarts is talking about applying scientific principles to cider making. And then there is me. Yep, I’m going to be speaking on Aussie Cider on the international stage.

Tickets to the Batlow CiderFest Cider Industry Conference are available now

Talking about Aussie Cider on the international stage, Cider Australia announced that the Australian Government is investing $500,000 in the craft cider industry over two years to build a brand proposition and marketing strategy aimed at boosting exports, as part of the $50 million Export and Regional Wine Support Package. Cider Australia has engaged internationally experienced brand strategist, Guy Taylor, to develop a brand proposition to market ‘Australian craft cider’ internationally that can be leveraged by Australian cider producers.

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