GABS is back for another year. The beer festival is growing bigger and bigger. One of the fastest growing areas at the festivals is the cider section. This year there are 18 special ciders only available at Great Australian Beer SpecTAPular, including the Rockafella.

If you haven’t heard about GABS, you’re probably pretty new to the craft beer and cider world. The festival started back in 2011. The idea was crazy, could you get the countries best craft brewers to release a new beer all at the same time. Back then about 20 beers were released. This year they are tipping that there will be over 700 to sample.

One of the limited releases at this year’s GABS is Blue Elephant’s Rockafella. Think of this more of a preview than a review. Nobody outside of Blue Elephant has tasted the Rockafella. I got in touch with Scott from Blue Elephant to see if he would let me in on a few of the Rockafella secrets before it hits the show floor.Blue Elephant Rockafella

“It was a spur of the moment decision to have a bit of fun!” said Scott.
“We have established a reputation with our ciders as being clean, crisp and refreshing so the opportunity to produce a cider that sparks a bit of interest and is outside of the norm from our philosophy was an opportunity to showcase something a bit different.
So the “Rockafella Cider” will show some funk and soul with a combination of full solid ferment, oak ferment and maturation with plenty of fruit on the mid palate and a dry phenolic finish all from 100% Pink Lady apples. Oh, and did I mention I am a bit of a fan of Fat Boy Slim!”

For a small company, like Blue Elephant, GABS is an ideal opportunity for a cider to be seen by a much wider audience  ”

“It is a great opportunity to have your product represented before a broader audience that includes industry representatives from across the hospitality sector, distributors, media and the punters,” said Scott

You and I will able to grab a glass of the Rockafella at one of 3 GABS dates


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