The rapid growth of apple cider globally has encouraged the industry to introduce its own international event to celebrate the delicious drink.
World Cider Day will be held for the first time tomorrow, Friday June 3rd, with events and specials planned for venues across Australia.
Cider Australia President Sam Reid said the day would allow consumers the chance to embrace the cider culture, which is taking off across the globe.
“You don’t really need an excuse to enjoy a drink of cider or perry but this is a great opportunity to celebrate everything that is great about the entire industry,” Mr Reid said.
“It’s a great opportunity to reflect on the many different types and styles of cider available from around the world and feel part of a bigger movement as cider is not just growing in Australia, it’s a global phenomenon.”

World Cider Day has been initiated by cider connoisseurs in Europe, where they are starting to feel the warmth of the Northern Hemisphere summer and punters can sit back in the sun with a refreshing cider.
But, just because it’s getting cold in Australia, doesn’t mean those passionate about the product forget about it – for many in the industry it’s actually the best chance they have to enjoy a relaxing beverage.
“Everyone has their ferments underway and so it’s a time to watch them. The more keen orchardists among us might be already pruning the trees but generally that doesn’t take place until later in the year – it’s a time to relax slightly after running at 100 miles an hour for the past few months during harvest and before that during the busy summer selling season,” Mr Reid said.
“The idea for world cider day originated in Germany and they are obviously seeing it as a great way to start their busy summer sales season. We’re the opposite here in Australia but it’s a great reminder that cider can be a drink for all seasons!”

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