Wild State Ciders, Honey Berry Cider is made from apples, honey, berries and honeyberries? What is a honeyberry and what does it taste like? 

I’ll admit when I read the label of the Wild State Cider Honey Berry, I assumed that it was made with honey and berries. I was only partially right. You see while it is made with apples, raspberries and honey, it also contains the locally grown honeyberry. I had to do a bit of research into what the honeyberry was, not knowing what it was. It’s an odd-looking fruit halfway between a blueberry and a sausage. These long berries are hand-pressed before being added into the unfermented juices.

The Nose

This ruby red cider is a real riot of raspberries. Backed up by some sharp apple scents and some dark chocolate.

The Taste

The Raspberries continue their rein but there is a rounded honey note. There is a fruit in there that I haven’t tried before and I figure that it must be the honeyberry. It’s not too sweet and not too sharp, making it surprisingly easy to drink. It’s like a raspberry cordial for grown-ups.

The only downside is the finish is a little long dragging out the raspberry elements. The brightness upfront from the next sip will clear that right up.

Final thoughts on the Wild State Cider Honey Berry

If you grow up on raspberry cordial as an after-school treat, you’re going to enjoy this one. I really appreciate that they haven’t gone overboard on the sugar levels like so many of the other fruit infused ciders on the market coming in 6.8% it is doing its bit to get the party started. It does make me curious as to what a honeyberry tastes like and I’m thinking of a version with less raspberry and more of the sausage-shaped honeyberries.

Product Honey Berry
Company Wild State Cider
Sweetness Off-Dry
Alc/Vol 6.8%
Website WildStateCider.com
Country of Origin America
Region Duluth, Minnesota.

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