The best apple comes from places with cold winters and sunny summers. Victoria’s Alpine region fits the bill. So it was only a matter of time before the Nightingale Bros started to turn their Pink Ladies into the Alpine Cider Pink Lady Sweet Cider.

A while back I had a look at the Alpine Pink Lady Dry Cider. The two have a very similar start to life, they have a common base cider, the difference between the two is the amount of fresh juice added. In the Case of the Alpine Cider Pink Lady Sweet, the bone-dry base cider has a fair bit of fresh juice added back in for that sweet pink lady tang.

The other thing about back sweetening is it lets the cider maker control the alcohol level. The Lady Pink Sweet has a lower alcohol than the Dry which, I think, helps you be able to enjoy a few more without … the need of a little lie-down.

Alpine Cider Pink Lady Sweet


The light golden hue of crystal clear cider glistening with a steady flow of tiny bubbles.

The Nose

This has got pink lady flesh written all over it. Light and bright, floral and inviting.

The Taste

Light, sweet and juicy. Fresh apple juice is the shows main attraction. Just like the scent, it is bright and highlights the pink ladies from the Alpine Country. There are elements of thick cream throughout both in taste and texture. The finish, again perfectly reflects the final mouthful of a pink lady, long, lingering and tart.

Final Thoughts on the Alpine Cider Pink Lady Sweet

The Lady Pink Sweet is not going to leave you with a sugary residue in your mouth like some mass market sweet ciders because it uses real, quality apples with natural acids to cut through. Alpine cider is not shy about how sweet this is. It perfectly describes what a pink lady apple is, only a giggly afternoon libation.

Product Pink Lady Sweet Cider
Company Alpine Cider
Sweetness Sweet
Alc/Vol 4.5%
Country of Origin Australia
Region Wandiligong, Victoria

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