Nambawan Cider, Vanuatu’s only locally produced cider. In fact as far as i can tell it is the only cider available in Port Vila,

I just returned from a week in Vanuatu, so i thought i better tell you about the local cider with a quick little review. Nambawan Cider, pronounced ‘number one cider’, is made on the main island of Efate at the Namabawan Brewery.The Namabawan brewery produce a local the second most popular beer beer behind Tusker Beer, the Namabawan beer. The cider is made from Cider Apple Concentrate and water, with a dash of vitamins according to the back label. It’s an odd thing to say, but I thought it needed more water. The concentrate is very strong, tasting of over ripe apple and brown sugar. I think the cider was designed to be served over ice, but none of the bar staff were told this. When the ice was added and was given a moment to melt in the sunshine by the lagoon, the concentrate was tempered.

Final Thoughts on Nambawan Cider

Nambawan Cider is the number one cider on the island.

Product Nambawan Cider
Company Nambawan
Sweetness Sweet
Alc/Vol 5%
Website None Known
Country of Origin Vanuatu
Region Port Vila

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