Cider in a can, the last time I had cider from a can I was quite a bit younger and the cider was fake rubbish. Australian Brewery Fresh Press Cider wants to change this perception in the name of quality. By lifting the quality of the can and more importantly what goes into it.

Australian Brewery Fresh Press Cider, Side of the canSo why is the Australian Brewery using cans? Aluminium is much lighter than glass, couple this with the shape of can mean more product in a smaller space which saves on transporting cost and energy. Both Glass and aluminium are very good at keeping out Oxygen. If oxygen gets in, it can spoil the flavour and can give an “off note”.  Canned craft beer is the norm in the US as it much cheaper than bottling, but it hasn’t been picked up here … yet. The can feels a bit weird; it has a plastic coating to help keep the can cooler, longer. However in my taste testing I poured it into a pint. On the inside of the can is a cider that starts life as apples Pink Lady Granny Smiths, Red Delicious and Fujis from outside of Orange, from where also, the pressed juice is rushed to the Australian Brewery where the fermentation begins the same day. I read the side of the can, which says,  “brewing starts the same day”, as I shake fist at the marketing department. We all know Cider is fermented not brewed. We can probably forgive them for this, as most people know the Australian Brewery for their beers.

The Nose

Intense old English cider smell, it’s a pretty full on, if you weren’t expecting it could be off-putting. But if you know what traditional farmhouse ciders from the West Country smell like you will quickly start drinking. It is earthy and minerally. I wouldn’t go as far as to say eggy as some of these ciders can be.

The Taste

With a smell of a traditional English farmhouse cider I was expecting a very dry cider. It’s somewhat surprising by how sweet this Fresh Pressed Cider is. While it is drier than many of the super sweet big commercials but it is not as dry as something like Spreytons Vintage. Vigorously bubbly on the pour this dies down as you go through the can. A hit of acid makes this quiet fresh and refreshing.
The finish is quiet crisp considering the sweetness.

Final Thoughts on Australian Brewery Fresh Press Cider

The Fresh Press Cider is best when it’s cold. The hybrid Aluminium plastic wrapped can help keep it cold. I’ve got to say I enjoyed the second can much more than the first, maybe today I know what to expect, yesterday this caught me by surprise. Today I matched it with some Cheddar. I’m a fan of the food matching technique of matching by geography. Cheddar and a West Country ciders are a classic match. Ploughman’s lunch any one?
If you’re coming off sweet cider looking to expand your taste buds into British West Country ciders this a good local starting point. Like wise if the West Country is too wild and woolly for you then grab a can of Australian Brewery, The Fresh Press Cider.

Product Australian Brewery Fresh Press Cider
Company Australian Brewery
Sweetness  Medium
Alc/Vol 4.7%
Country of Origin Australia
Region Made in Sydney, NSW, Apples from Orange NSW

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