Somebody decided to put on a  little cider festival in my neighbourhood. You silly people. Anyway, when I arrived early it was pretty quiet so I saddled up next to the Batlow stand mostly because they have a keg of the Batlow Saison Cider. Happy days. 

Ok, so I’ve got to admit that I’ve drunk this cider before and I rather enjoy it. But it’s only on tap and it’s a little hard to find. So I’m going to sit here and drink it and write about it. And maybe have another pony to double check.

So the main thing that sets this one apart is the yeast. Saison yeast is a strain of French farm house beer yeast. It’s famed for its fruit and funk. It’s great summer time beer so it’s a wonder it’s taken this long for someone to pitch it into a vat of apple juice.

While we are being honest , after I tried this last time I went home and tried to copy the recipe in my own home made cider. Hey good artists copy, great artists steal….

Batlow Saison Cider Review

The Nose

If you have had a Saison beer before, you’re already on the right track. Obviously, there are no hops here (thank goodness). This one has more French funk than a Daft Punk live album. There is a trade off here if the fermentation temperature is higher the Saison is accentuated but you’ll loose the apple’s perfume of a lower temperature ferment. Batlow tips the scales just in favour of the yeast.

The Taste

Massively bubbly. Just below the point of a medium sweetness cider. Crisp red apples ring out on top suppressing that funky moss like earthiness with a little zestiness that is hiding underneath from the signature Saison yeast. The finish is a little longer than you expect.

Final Thoughts Batlow Saison Cider

The new world cider industry, particularly the USA can learn a lot from this cider. If you don’t have the range of apples to play with, work with the yeasts before you start chucking mangos, cranberry and hops in your tanks.

Yeah, I really like this one. My only criticism is it’s only in kegs. Batlow, hurry up and bottle it so I  don’t need to be drinking my home brand version, I’m no artist.


Product Batlow Saison Cider
Company Batlow
Sweetness Medium Dry
Alc/Vol  4.4%
Country of Origin Australia
Region Batlow, New South Wales

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