Bilpin is a little town in the Blue Mountains, home to Bilpin Cider Co and is located just to the west of Sydney. Frosty winters and high altitude makes it a great region to grow apples. This season they have a new release. Named after the explorer of the region. Archibald Cloudy by Bilpin Cider.

Old Mate Archie, better known as Archibald Bell Jr, was a bit of a wanderer.  Born in England, he pioneered an alternate route from Sydney over the Great Dividing Range to the agricultural plains to the west. The town of Belpin now known as Bilpin was named after him. Later in life he moved further north to become a bushman and pastoralist

Now the Bilpin Cider Company have used his story as inspiration for this cider.

Archibald CiderThe region has rich and fertile soil and high altitudes which they claim grows crisp apples. The Archibald make use of the Granny Smiths and Pink Ladys among others. Everything here is unfiltered, the cloudiness the main point here. Bilpin Cider ferment Archibald until it’s dry and then add a splash of fresh juice back in. This technique is something Bilpin hasn’t done before. Normally they arrest the ferment early to achieve the profile they want.

The Nose

Most bushman won’t say 5 words when 2 will do. Archibald is a lot like that. As far as the scent goes it keeps a low profile only letting its acidic tendencies slip a little.

The Taste

Archibald is a big fizzy cider. There is an element of that sourness that The Big Woody Cider and the Bitter Sweet by The Cidery showed us but even more toned back. Here that tart note doesn’t come from the ferment, it comes from the fresh Granny Smiths added back in after the ferment, massive amounts of acids in the finish.

Straight from the fridge there are lots of nice earthy elements but as is warms it becomes a battle between the acids and sweetness. Not necessarily a problem. Archibald is pretty easy drinking cider, you wont be giving it a chance to warm up too much.

Final Thoughts on Archibald

I’m quietly surprised by Bilpin’s Archibald. Its more refreshing than I imagined it to be. It’s the combination of the big bubbly fizz and that acidic kick are what makes it. I couldn’t find much sediment for such a cloudy cider. However I couldn’t help but think if you’re sporting a beard as thick and fashionable as Archie’s it might be crystal clear by the time it hits your tongue.

Product Archibald Cloudy Apple Cider
Company Bilpin Cider Co
Sweetness Medium
Alc/Vol 4.6%
Country of Origin Australia
Region New South Wales

Thanks to Thirsty Thursday for providing samples

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