Bradys Lookout 2017 Wild Cuvee Cider, combines the most uncontrolled elements with some of the most refined methods of cider products.

The Wild Cuvee Cider combines a mix heritage style eating apples with a few heritage pears. The pears are said to give a gentle honey vibe. The goal is to create a low tannin high acid cider. The apples are never stored just picked and quickly pressed but it’s a slow ferment lasting around 3 months. This is not to be confused with the 2017 Cuvee, The labels are nearly the same other than the label over the top cap.

One thing to keep in mind about wild fermented ciders is that the yeast comes from the environment. That means the weather of the season can play a huge role in the strains of yeast that dominates the flavour. It also means that the cider is going to be different each year. Something that is to be embraced.

The Nose

Bradys Lookout 2017 Wild Cuvee Cider has extremely vigorous bubbles that cause the cider to erupt out of the bottle as soon as the cages came off the cork and cage bottle. Despite this, there isn’t much scent being ejected from the gold-coloured liquid. What there is, is a dry straw and strawberry combo that is pretty inviting

The Taste

You really have to fight your way through a tsunami of bubbles to get through to where the flavour is. Once you get through that wave there are hints of strawberry and a good whack of juicy apples.

The finish is where it’s at. It’s just like fresh lemon sorbet, nailing the high acid objective. There isn’t much sugar but that apple-lemon combo does hang around.

Final Thoughts on the Wild Cuvee Cider

I’ve been saying this for a while that I like it when Cider makers embrace the seasonality of wild yeasts. I want to see and taste how these flavours evolves over the years. With the smaller labelswith small distrobution networks, it’s going to be hard to travel to their cellar doors, so I’ll be looking towards online orders next time around.

The lemon-fresh acid punch is what this is all about. I want to match it with some fish and chips, the fancy kind not the kind wrapped in yesterday’s newspaper.  This might be my favourite of the Bradys Lookout range.

Product 2017 Wild Cuvee Cider
Company Brady’s Lookout
Sweetness Medium Dry
Alc/Vol 9.2%
Country of Origin Australia
Region  Tasmania

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