The Colony Cove Draught Cider by Kangaroo Island Cider has won a swag load of awards over the last 12 months. At both a state and national level. Now it’s my turn to taste it. 

For the international readers, you have probably heard about Australia’s “black summer” of bush fires that swept the east coast. What you may not have heard is that the fires also ravaged South Australia and Kangaroo Island. The Island is a natural zoo, a wildlife safe haven free of many of the invasive pests and diseases that are hurting native animals on the mainland. I had a quick word with Graham Jones the Cider maker at Kangaroo Island Cider. He has been very lucky; the fire front came within 12km (7.5miles).

“We could see the glow of the fire on the Thursday night (9th Jan) and ash was falling around us, but a wind change to the SE saved us. Many people not so lucky.” Graham said.

Lucky none of the apple trees were affected, these being a mix of dessert apples and cider apples.  The draught takes about 2-3 months in bottle to settle down and mellow out, so the 2019 ciders (labelled as best before Feb 2021) are just getting to prime drinking age. 

It has recently won Best South Australian Cider at the 2019 Royal Adelaide Show and Best Traditional Cider at the 2019 Cider Australia Awards. rear label of the Colony Cove Draught Cider - Kangaroo Island Ciders

The Nose 

The Colony Cove Draught Cider has a bit of a milky tone about it. It kind of reminds me of a salted caramel milkshake, with the caramel scents coming from ripe apples. I wonder is the salt is coming from the fact that on the island you are never far from the coast?

The Taste 

Kangaroo Island’s Draught Cider’s combo of desert and cider apples give a fresh, creamy flavour with a medium amount of sweetness. It is reminding me of rockmelon but heavier. This isn’t a light summery cider it’s more shiraz than prosecco 

There is an interesting flourish of popcorn or corn chip right at the end of the taste.

Final Thoughts Colony Cove Draught Cider. 

With the fires on all-around Australia, it shows how important it is to buy from local regions as a charity free way of rebuilding small businesses and communities whether that is Kangaroo Island or your nearest cider-making region. As for Colony Cove Draught Cider, it is well-deserving of all of its medals but it will probably be suited to the more adventurous drinker but not so hardcore that newbies to the world of cider should give it a whirl. It’s got enough guts for it to stand on its own two legs and not need to play second fiddle within a food pairing. 

Product Colony Cove Draught Cider
Company Kangaroo Island Cider
Sweetness Medium
Alc/Vol 6.1%
Country of Origin Australia
Region Kangaroo Island, South Australia

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