Endless Cider, without a doubt is the stripiest cider I’ve reviewed so far. Inspired by a trip to the UK, The Endless Apple Cider takes apples from Gippsland and turns them into a cider designed to convert people into cider fans. What a great idea, but did they pull it off?

Endless cider 2

Endless Cider used that trip to the UK to learn what traditional cider was all about. So the juice from Gippsland apple is fermented “using traditional artisan techniques”. I assume this means fermented in small batches then blended to taste. The brake with tradition comes with the use of champagne yeast; with a background in wine the choice seems appropriate. Of course they couldn’t use grapes instead Red Delicious, Golden Delicious & Granny Smith make up the juice for cider.

The Nose

You can tell there is a strong sense of British influence here. The smell is like that old-fashioned farm-house cider smell only a little bit softer and sweeter. More hobby farm than cattle station.

The Taste

Wow, the sweetness really took me by surprise. With that smell I was expecting something much dryer from Endless’s lightly sparking pail blonde nearly pink cider. A gentle amount of tartness tries to shine but there is just so much sweetness it barely comes into play. The sweetness is not simply raw sugariness; there are baked apple and toffee tones. There is no denying the wonderfully fresh green apple flavour forming the foundation of this cider. The Granny must make up a large percentage.

 Final Thoughts on Endless Apple Cider

So they set out with a goal of making a cider to convert people. The bright coloured label and sweetness should attract the alcopop crowd. That farmhouse smell though is the real key, if you’re new to cider this should be your gateway into seeking out other ciders and becoming a true cider fan.

For me, this cider is too sweet, but I’m a dry cider fan. Saying that I don’t think I’m the target market as a fully-fledged cider fan. I did start off as a sweet cider fan. The serving suggestions recommend it is best over “mountains of ice” or with a wedge of citrus. Maybe these ideas would help balance the sweetness.

Endless Apple cider does seem like a great cider to introduce your sweet alcopop drinking friends into the world of cider. The only problem is this enough to keep them drinking Endless Cider? I’d like to see what Endless can do with a drier cider.


Product Endless Apple Cider
Company Endless Cider
Sweetness  Sweet
Alc/Vol 4.9%
Website EndlessCider.com.au
Country of Origin Australia
Region Gippsland, Victoria

A sample bottle was provided by D’or Cellars, Parent Company to Endless Cider.

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