Twisted Sister is the cider label made by the Victorian craft brewers, Grand Ridge Brewery. Grand Ridge has been winning awards for their beer since they started up in the late 1980’s. The 4 daughters, however, were cider drinkers and not beer fans. What’s a father to do? Make cider, the Twisted Sister Cider.

The Twisted Sister Cider is made of a blend of Gippsland apples, mostly Royal Galas, Red Delicious, Pink Ladies and a few from a secret stash. They know the only way to make a good cider is to use fresh apples and never use sugars or concentrates.

The goal here was to make a fresh, elegant cider. They used all of their beer brewing knowledge to pull this off. I’m not sure how that works because beer and cider are so different in terms of production. But even I know that freshness is key to a good beer. So let’s hope that’s the element that comes through from their brewing experience. Twisted Sister Apple Cider Review

When doing my research about Twisted Sister, I spoke with Belinda the operations manager, she mentioned their involvement with the Need for Feed charity. The charity helps out farmers in times of drought and flood by supplying food for livestock. Grand Ridge kicked in some Twisted Sister in hampers for the farmers. Little gestures like this can be a real boost to one’s mental well-being. As a farm boy, I know how tough it can be when the weather works against you. If you would like to help out or learn more please see the Need For Feed site

The Nose

The Royal Galas and Pink Ladies and their sharp floral notes are the main scents but under that, is a little milk chocolate hiding away.

The Taste

Grand Ridge Brewery have met their goal with the Twisted Sister, the freshness is certainly here. Bright and light acids and floral notes. This thing is seriously crisp. not exactly deep but it represents apples used perfectly. The sharpness is balanced by a good helping of sweetness. The finish clean but still has plenty of apple flesh flavour.

Final Thoughts on the Twisted Sister Cider

I asked Belinda about what she likes to eat with a bottle of Twisted Sister. She was quick to point out it went well with the salmon in the brewery’s restaurant. While I haven’t tried the salmon, I have been writing this over the period just after Christmas when you’re trying to eat up all the leftover leg ham. It goes well with a ham and mozzarella pizza. I think food is the key to this cider. The sharp acids work so well at refreshing your mouth for the next bite.

Product Twisted Sister Apple Cider
Company Grand Ridge Brewery
Sweetness Medium
Alc/Vol 5%
Country of Origin Australia
Region Mirboo North, Victoria



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