Along the Coal River on the Tasmanian east coast, Lost Pippin is growing desert apples and a little bit of wild yeast. A cool climate helps grow great apples. So I’m very much looking forward to getting into this, the Wild Tasmanian Apple Cider. 

The Wild Tasmanian Apple Cider’s main claim to fame is the wild yeast. However, that isn’t the only yeast in this cider. This is a cider of two halves. In one tank is the wild yeast indigenous to the orchard. In the other tank, there is a more common beer yeast. One for funk and one for freshness. The two are blended after fermentation to balance out the cider.

All the weird and wonderful yeasts in the world would be useless if they didn’t have some apple juice to grow in. Lost Pippin grow their own apples for The Wild Tasmanian Apple Cider. It’s a mix of eating apples; Red Delicious, Golden Delicious and Fuji. To finish it off, the cider is run through a micro filter. Now, remember that a microfilter will remove the tiny particles making a brilliantly clear cider but those particles may some carry flavour, so we’ll see how it goes.Wild Tasmanian Apple Cider

The Nose

This Wild Tasmanian Apple Cider has got a lot going on in the space above pale golden cider in the pint glass. A little oakiness, a lot of ripe apples and a spritely kick off a sweet funk.

The Taste

Lost Pippen has made a super juicy cider. Not sweet in any way, but there is so much fruit it’s not funny.  The mouth feel is thick and creamy letting that funk coat all your taste buds. The subtlest hints allude to that beer yeast, however, it’s that wild yeast which gives it the real character. It’s almost raspberry in its acidity and sweetness. The complexity that runs from the first sip all to its long lasting finish.

Final Thoughts on The Wild Tasmanian Apple Cider

The 3 apple varieties on display aren’t normally associated with big ballsy flavours but Lost Pippin has squeezed every ounce of flavour out of these apples. Wild yeast that gives off that awesome funk can lead to a cider being dark and heavy but The Wild Tasmanian Cider have balanced that with a superbly fruity taste. I  really liked this cider, it’s going  on the short list for the best of 2017.

Product Wild Tasmanian Apple Cider
Company Lost Pippin
Sweetness Off Dry
Alc/Vol 6%
Country of Origin Australia
Region Coal River Valley, Tasmania


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