Cheeky Grog Co are at it again, this time they have gone a little bit classy with a champagne style cider. Grannies That Pop is a cheeky look at the most sophisticated cider category.

Cheeky Grog Co source all of their apples from Nathalia and Bunbartha orchards in the river flats of the Murray regions of Victoria. It’s a well-known region growing all different types of fruit.

Cheeky have taken inspiration from the champagne methode when making Grannies that Pop, bottle conditioning the cider. And of course it all Granny Smith ApplesGrannies That Pop Cider Review

The Nose

Straight after this granny’s cork popped it was a flurry of floral perfume. It was like being mobbed by your nana’s mates on a night out. The florals die off pretty quickly… just like your nana’s mates in a cold snap. It leaves behind a sharp, salad dressing like punch, and a bit of fresh bread.

The Taste

I think I’m liking the taste over the smell. Immensely sharp, elements of sour watermelon, elderflower and maybe even a little gooseberry. That sharpness isn’t a vinaigrette like its’ scent would imply. Still it’s very much there. The Grannies That Pop boldly bubbles with a big foamy mousse that gives a great mouthfeel. It’s a clean finish that doesn’t last long. But the memory of the elderflower will make you want another sip.


Final Thoughts on The Grannies that Pop

The presentation of this Cider bottle gets full marks. The metallic label certainly pops. It lends itself to a social occasion. The sharpness of the taste would suit to full flavoured finger food. I’m thinking of caramelized onion tarts and hard cheeses. I keep coming back to sharpness, is it over cooked? Is it venturing into the land of uncomfortable astringency? The elderflower elements are under appreciated and they are the hero for me. That element alone is worth the price of admission.


Product Grannies That Pop
Company Cheeky Grog Co
Sweetness Off Dry
Alc/Vol 6.1%
Country of Origin Australia
Region Victoria

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