On the windswept southeastern corner of Victoria is Gurney’s Orchard where they grow the apples for the very handmade Gurney’s Methode Tradionelle Cider.

The winds whip up off the Bass Straight. The ocean water chills the wind, but it keeps it stable. Winter night-time temps hover between 7-10ºC and frosts are nearly unheard of. That’s great news for the spring blossoms.  They are very likely to make it to become apples, well unless they blow away. To help the orchards have planted windbreaks and grow the trees on trellises.

Gurney’s Methode Tradionelle Cider is made from mostly the Champ-Gaillard apple. A juicy green French apple without too many acids or tannins. Once juiced it is bottle fermented. The cider is left in the bottles for 18 months and every single day the neck down bottle is rotated a quarter turn each day to ensure that the lees and sediment makes it way to the cap of the bottle.

Each bottle is disgorged by hand, the way they did it in France for generations. You are probably thinking that is a whole lot of work. Correct, and that means that Gurnery’s don’t make many bottles of this Cider. The only way of getting a bottle of Gurney’s Methode Tradionelle is to visit the cellar door or buy a house in the region because a local real estate agent gives them away as a housewarming present. Both options might be tricky at the moment. But, hey, more maturing time.

The Nose

You cannot deny that this is made from apples, crisp bright apples. There is an element of leather and just a little bit of dried, crunchy autumn leaves.

The Taste

Gurney’s Methode Tradionelle is an absolute Moet murderer. Its dry but fruity, big vigorous bubbles provide an uplifting experience. There are no sharp acids or heavy tannins it’s just a nice smooth brioche-like cider with some nice minerals presenting themselves in the finish.

The method traditional cider is very frothy moose in texture, there are hints of strawberry, cherry and pink lady in the finish

Final Thoughts Gurney’s Methode Tradionelle

Gurney’s Methode Tradionelle is very humble and understated is its smoothness when you compare it to other big punchy ciders. But flip this around, tell your guests it’s a French champagne and they’ll love it, then you’ll need to show them the bottle to convince them that this a cider.

Product Special Reverse Scrumpy
Company Gurneys
Sweetness Off Dry
Alc/Vol 9%
Website https://gurneyscider.com.au
Country of Origin Australia
Region Victoria

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