Incy Wincy Cyder sent me a few bottles to try. The X3 and the Huntsman, so this is going to be a 2 parter. These guys are new to the market and are creating flavours that are pretty unique on the Aussie cider scene. First up is the Incy Wincy Cyder X3.

The X3 is short for Experiment number 3, representing Incy Wincy Cyders first cider that they were happy with and declare ready to release to the public. The intention was a dry, sour cider. It’s not something often seen, it’s what the makers want to drink.  Incy Wincy Cyder X3 cider review

This micro-cidery are sourcing their apples from the Wilgro orchards in Batlow. Namely the Pink Lady 90% and the Green Star 10%. The Green Star was meant to be a Granny Smith killer but it never made the grade. The apples are scratted (shredded) and pressed in Wollombi at the bottom end of the Hunter Valley.  To give you an idea how small Incy Wincy Cyder is, they use a bladder press. These have a water filled balloon that inflates to push the juice out of the drum it sits in. A bladder press is designed for the hobbyist so it’ll be a big job to use this on a commercial scale.

The Nose

The Incy Wincy Cyder X3 has a spicy mix of sharp green apples, orange peel and just a little bit of a cardamom pod.

The Taste

This is a hot cider, all of the 9.8% alcohol is evident. That high alcohol is a direct result of this being so very dry. Once the sugar is converted away, you are left with the tartness of the first bite of a really tart granny smith apple, particularly if you get a mouth full of skin. The tartness tending towards sourness is the hero of the show with the support act being a little bitterness. It’s not a combo often seen in a commercial cider. This is balanced out with soft smooth acids. A healthy amount of fizz makes it lively and refreshing.

The finish on Incy Wincy Cyder X3 is pretty long but its fresh and not clingy.

Final Thoughts on the Incy Wincy Cyder X3

Incy Wincy have a bold approach and are pushing in different directions to most of the market. The sourness will divide opinions pulling it around to bitterness may please a few more people. There are some rough edges here. I want to see where they take their ciders in the next for vintages. In the coming days I’ll be writing about Incy Wincy Cyder’s Huntsman’s which is the evolution of the X3. I’m hoping for one with a little lower alcohol, I think the smallest dash of sugar would bring this alive.

Product X3
Company Incy Wincy Cyder
Sweetness Dry
Alc/Vol 9.4%
Country of Origin Australia
Region Wollombi NSW

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