Most cider makers are out to make really good cider. Sparkke Apple Cider set themselves a challenge: make a cider that not only tastes good but also brings about social change.

Sparkke have created a range of beers, alcoholic soft drinks and an apple cider. Each address a different social issue. The Sparkke apple cider tackles the issue of sexual consent.Sparkke Apple Cider Consent Can't come after you do

While I 100% agree with the message on the Sparkke Apple Cider can, I wonder about the repeat sales of this cider. I walked into my local bottle shop and do as I always do. I looked for a cider I haven’t tried before so I can write about it. I picked a can of Sparkke. I guess other people also find ciders at their local bottlo. But once you have read the message are you going to buy it again?

I can see this cider and its message having a much bigger reach in pubs. A thirsty cider fan walks into a pub and asks for a cider. When they are given a can of Sparkke hopefully they take a moment to read the message. Maybe it’ll strike up a positive conversation between them and their mates.

Sparkke Cider Review

The Nose

Quietly surprising, bright apple mixed with chewie caramel.

The Taste

A fairly well-balanced blend , the fresh and bright apples, with a little strawberry and apricot backed up by just a little caramel. A solid medium on the sweetness scale, which makes it quite moreish and easy to drink. Lightly sparkling and a pretty dark amber, the Sparkke Cider starts off very fruity finishes pretty cleanly.

Final Thoughts on the Sparkke Apple Cider

I’m genuinely surprised by this cider. I came into the review thinking that Sparkke had probably grabbed some dirty concentrate, industrial alcohol, enough sugar to send a humming-bird hyperactive before called it a day. But there has been some real effort gone into the cider. In fact, it won a gold in the recent 2017 Australian Cider Awards. If I asked for a cider at my local and I was given Sparrke Apple Cider … I’d consent to that.

Product Sparkke Apple Cider
Company Sparkke
Sweetness Medium
Alc/Vol 5%
Country of Origin Australia
Region South Australia

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