Tonight Australia’s best cider makers have descended on Melbourne for the 2017 Cider Australia Awards. With more Ciders coming into the market and the depth of knowledge in the industry growing yearly, the completion was fierce.

I’m always impressed that there are more producers every year. Below are the winners of the major categories. The full list can at the bottom.


St Ronan’s – Methode Traditionelle Heritage

You all know this is one of my favourite Ciders, I served a previous vintage at my wedding. If you can find it buy it.


Magners – Original Apple


Carmel Cider – Pear


Lobo Cider – LOBO Apple & Pear


Small Acres Cyder – Small Acres Cyder 2015 Pomona Ice

I keep meaning to write a review on the Pomona Ice but every used get a bottle of it friends arrive and we start chatting and sipping and then it’s gone before I can get anywhere near a keyboard. I know James of Small Acres is very proud of this one as well he should be.


St Ronan’s – Methode Traditionelle Heritage

I agree with the judges this cider absolutely deserve the accolade.


2017 Cider Australia Awards BEST IN SHOW

Are you ready for this… The award goes to…
Magners – Original Apple

I don’t know how I think about  this ok it’s no little green cider but in a blind tasting against the other labels on this list it’s not in the same league. Maybe I’m being harsh. I’ve got a lot to be thankful to mangers for. It was the, THE cider that got me interested in ciders. If it weren’t for Magners this could well be a blog about bikes or gadgets or bike gadgets.

Maybe this is more of a lifetime achievement award. The “over ice” campaign 12 years ago was brilliant. It showed there was an alternative to beer and wine. It introduced a huge number of people to the concept of fermented apples. I think it would be fair to say that if it was not for this ad campaign, a lot of Australian producers would not be making cider. And for that I’m thankful. The only problem with that campaign was it taught the public and worse, publicans, that cider should be served with ice. Ice waters down the flavour and the chill numbs your tongue. 9/10 Ciders are worse over ice. Sorry it’s a bit of a pet peeve of mine.

Hopefully this award will introduce more people to Ciders who will go on to be more adventurous when choosing a cider, while supporting our frankly awesome, Aussie cider makers.



  • Best in Show Magners with Original Apple
  • Best Traditional Cider St Ronan’s with Methode Traditionelle Heritage
  • Best New World Cider Magners with Original Apple
  • Best Perry Carmel Cider with Pear
  • Best Cider and Perry Blend LOBO Cider with Apple & Pear
  • Best Intensified/Distilled Cider or Perry Small Acres Cyder with 2015 Pomona Ice
  • Best Australian Cider or Perry St Ronan’s with Methode Traditionelle Heritage
  • Best International Cider or Perry Magners with Original Apple
  • Most Successful Small Producer (< 50,000 litres per year) Small Acres Cyder
  • Most Successful Larger Producer (>50,000 litres per year) Westons Cider
  • Inaugural “Champion of the Industry Award” Drew Henry


  • Class 1A New World Dry CiderWinter Brook Vintage Cider 2016 Winter Brook
  • Class 1B Traditional Dry Cider Willie Smiths Somerset Red Streak Dry Cider William Smith & Sons
  • Class 2A New World Medium Cider Original Apple Magners
  • Class 2B Traditional Medium Cider Wyld Wood Organic Apple Westons Cider
  • Class 3A New World Sweet Cider Squashed Apple Cider The Barossa Cider Co
  • Class 3B Traditional Sweet Cider LOBO Royale LOBO Cider
  • Class 4A/B Method Traditional (disgorged) Cider Methode Traditionelle Heritage St Ronan’s
  • Class 5A New World Dry Perry Pear Perry Spreyton Cider Co
  • Class 5B Traditional Dry Perry No entries
  • Class 6A New World Medium Perry Packham Pear The Cider Lab
  • Class 6B Traditional Medium Perry Pear Cider Twisted Sister Cider
  • Class 7A New World Sweet Perry Mr Finch Pear Perry (Bottle) Mr Finch
  • Class 7B Traditional Sweet Perry No entries
  • Class 8A/B Method Traditional (disgorged) Perry Pear Carmel Cider
  • Class 9 Speciality/Experimental Cider or Perry The Hills Cider Company Hop Edition The Hills Cider Company
  • Class 10 Apple and Pear Blends LOBO Apple & Pear LOBO Cider
  • Class 11 Cider or Perry with Fruit The Hills Cider Company Apple Ginger The Hills Cider Company
  • Class 12 Ice Cider or Perry Small Acres Cyder 2015 Pomona Ice Small Acres Cyder
  • Class 13 Pommeau Small Acres Cyder 2010 Pommeau Small Acres Cyder
  • Class 14 Apple or Pear Spirit The Hills Cider Company Adelaide Hills Distiller

Congratulations to all the medal winners. A full list of medal winners can be found here Cider Australia Awards 2017

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