Three Farms Cider is a very small batch cider from Tasmania. It is a collaboration between 3 farming families but the odd thing is, one farm grows oysters, the other is a vineyard and the last farm grows apples. Yet some how this partnership produces a cider.

Three Farms Cider is made by Bangor Wines and is almost exclusively sold at their cellar door, come restaurant called “Bangor Wine and Oyster Shed”, which specialises in seafood, namely oysters. See it’s starting to come together now.

Bangor wanted the Three Farms Cider to be matched with the seafood so they looked at what were the classic pairings. Everyone loves a squeeze of lemon over a piece of fish and what is more glamorous than champagne and oysters? So, the cider seeks to emulate some of those flavours.

Fuji’s and Gala’s make up the bulk of this cider. I would guess that the Gala is there for it sharpness to mimic the lemons. Three Farms Cider Tasmania

The Nose

Crisp crushed apple, drying wheat straw. Some red apple skin and quince but predominantly a fresh lemon scent rings through.

The Taste

At the start it is all about the citrus freshness. A dry zesty lemon. It very much reminds me of a sparkling water with a big lemon squeezed into it.

The sweetness grows and the temp warms in the glass.  This incredibly pale cider has a very fine bubble like a nice champagne.

Not the crispest finish but it does end with a slight dirty funk at the back of your mouth which is probably the best link to those oysters. I think it meets the brief of a cider fit for serving with seafood.

Final Thoughts on the Three Farms Cider

If taken out of context Three Farms Cider is treading the line between delicate and commonplace but in the context of a drink to compliment a salt shot of freshly shucked mollusc it makes a lot more sense. The dry zesty citrus flavours kick it along into being a very suitable cider. The Bangor Shed isn’t exactly centrally located. People go there for the food. I think this cider has been designed to perfectly complement and highlight the seafood and not to compete for attention.

Next vintage is about to get underway. The bottles are being redesigned for this release.

Product Three Farm Cider
Company Bangor Shed
Sweetness Off Dry
Alc/Vol 4.2%
Country of Origin Australia
Region Tasmania

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