I’m in Melbourne, and as a true Sydney-sider I’m lost. I’m lost and I’ve been walking for miles trying to find this place. After a 2 mile walk I finally found it, The Brunswick Cider House, now I’m thirsty and now I’ve found what I’ve been hunting. Too Too Many Chiefs Pear and Apple Cider.

TooManyChiefs3 husbands and 3 wives from Goulburn Valley teamed up to create a pear and apple cider with the honorable intention of supporting local orchardist. They say this helps keep the trees in the ground. There are so many reasons why this is import. From the many environmental reasons to the economic reasons. Many other craft cider makers also support this cause, but Too Many Chef has to be thanked for putting it on the bottle and bringing it to our attention. Think Global Act Local.

This ticks all the quality boxes, no added, sugar no concentrate, no rubbish.


The Nose

I’m drinking direct from the 330ml stubby so not a lot is getting to my nose what does get though proudly proclaims the presence of pears

The Taste

They call it Pear and Apple Cider. The pears are the heroes. So fresh it’s almost minty fresh. As with most ciders with a generous helping of pears the, texture is as smooth as custard thanks to the sorbitol sugar. This sweet cider has a clean finish, the pear flavor fade slowly but there is no residual sweetness. I keep thinking there is some tartness lurking at the start of a mouthful but I think it is only a cameo appliance by the apples

Final Thoughts on Too Many Chiefs Pear and Apple Cider

The saying goes Too Many Chiefs not enough Indians. That’s not the case here. The extend family of 6 have made an easy to drink sweet pear cider. Fresh and tasty perfect for sharing or over ice.  You could do a lot worse asking for a sweet cider like the Too Many Chiefs Pear and Apple Cider at most pubs.

Product Too Many Chiefs Pear and Apple Cider
Company Too Many Chief
Sweetness Sweet
Alc/Vol 5.0%
Website toomanychiefs.com.au
Country of Origin Australia
Region Goulburn Valley, Victoria

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