Yarra Valley is a hub of fruit-growing and cider-making activity just northeast of Melbourne. The Yarra Valley Cider company uses these local apples to make a modern new world cider.

I’ve seen this cider-making label change a few times over the years, both behind the scenes and the actual label. This is a particularly strong iteration, the black cans are very much in vogue at the moment.The back side of the Yarra Valley Cider can on grass

This version of the beverage uses eating apples, a healthy dose of them are pink ladies. It goes through the low and slow cold fermentation and is finished off with a trip through a filter to clear up the final cider.

The Nose

The pink ladies stand out in the cider. There are big strawberry notes bouncing off the top of a freshly poured glass of the Yarra Valley Cider.

The Taste

It’s on the sweeter side of things but nicely balanced against acidity from the eating apples. that sweetness shows up in a kind of caramel flavour. The light fizz suits it well and makes it a simple easy-to-drink cider.

Final Thoughts on the Yarra Valley Cider

If you are after something that is straight down the line no nonsense cider Yarra Valley is a solid choice. It simply puts good quality local juice forward and presents it in a refreshing manner. It’s a knock-off o’clock time winner.

Product Yarra Valley Cider
Company Yarra Valley Cider
Sweetness Medium
Alc/Vol  4.5%
Website yarravalleycider.com.au/
Country of Origin Australia
Region Yarra Valley, Victoria

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