Walk into any reasonable well stocked bottle shop/ off-license / liquor store anywhere in the English-speaking world you’ll probably be able to find a bottle of Thatchers Gold Medium Dry. Well, you might be able to find a bottle of it. I couldn’t, I found a 4 pack of cans.

The more common Thatchers Gold Medium Dry Cider Bottle

The more common Thatchers Gold Medium Dry Cider Bottle

Thatchers say that their Thatchers Gold Medium Dry is made up of Dabinett, Porters Perfection and Harry Masters Jersey Cider apples. However the skeptic in me has a strong hunch that water might make up a percentage in the can.

Their website also says that his Medium Dry Cider is 3 out of 5 apples on the dry to sweet scale. Which is certainly some problematic maths. But at least it is suitable for vegetarians, vegans and celiacs. Just to clarify a true cider should only contain apples so it should naturally be appropriate for these dietary requirements.

Thatchers is a bit of rarity in the cider market. The company is still family owned. Most British/European cidermakers at this scale have been bought up by a giant multinational beer and booze company. Not bad for a company founded way back in 1904. Today the Thatchers orchards boast 458 apple varieties and they sponsor just about every top-level sports team in the pirate speaking part of the UK (Somerset and surrounds). Being in a can makes it a lot better option for taking to a sporting event than a glass bottle. Remember going to sporting events? I have also talked about the environmental pros and cons of cans and bottle here .

The Nose

I poured the 440ml can into a glass, already this doesn’t feel correct, it feels like drinking from the can is the correct method. The pouring froths up a thick and long-lasting head. As for a scent, it’s pretty basic as it tries to be a well-aged cider. Unfortunately, there is some eggy, phosphorus elements.

The Taste

Again it tastes like it is trying to be a full flavoured aged Somerset style cider but it just falls short. When served cold it is at its best. It has a toned down taste of your classic Somerset ciders with a good balance of bitter apples but low in tannin. There is plenty of fizz with no residual sugar. It isn’t undrinkable but it just needs to be amped up to get a full hit of flavour.

Final Thoughts on Thatchers Gold Medium Dry

The more I drink of this more more I question my memory of what I thought of this same cider when it was in the bottled format. I think I have fonder memories of the bottled version.

If we consider this as a mass market cider, as it would be in the UK, Yes, it’s not as big as Strongbow or Bulmers but still very big. But as something that is easy to find its pretty drinkable. Completely acceptable for drinking at the footy match (that Thatchers are probably sponsoring). However I want it bigger and bolder.

Product Thatchers Gold Medium Dry
Company Thatchers
Sweetness  Medium Dry
Alc/Vol 4.8%
Website thatcherscider.co.uk
Country of Origin England
Region Somerset

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