Last year I got a few bottles of Ramborn’s different ciders. I thought the CM Blend was so good, I named it my best International cider for 2016. Then I was cleaning out the fridge and there was a bottle of Ramborn Somerset Blend.

Even though Ramborn is from Luxembourg, much of the cider making knowledge comes from Somerset. So it’s only natural that that would be a major influence on the styles of ciders they make. The Somerset Blend takes traditional Somerset apples and blends them with those Rambo apples I’ve become so fond of.Ramborn Somerset Blend review

The Nose

Just a little horse in a barnyard, a little orange, like a sophisticated version of a Fanta. Somerset lite.

The Taste

A very fine bubble is the first thing I noticed. You can easily tell that its Somerset inspired. Saying that it’s restrained and dialled back from the intensity of some Somerset cider, which probably makes it a little more approachable for cider newcomers. The English apples give a thickness and a little astringency with just the right amount of tannins. The Somerset Blend has a good amount of acid for brightness. Orange and apple juices head up the flavour list but they don’t make it sweet, it neatly falls into the medium-dry slot. It is very balanced and very easy to drink.

Final Thoughts on Ramborn’s Somerset Blend

I was a little hesitant about how this bottle would be after travelling around the world and then sitting in the back of the fridge for a year. But It’s held up really well.

The biggest criticism I have about the cider is it’s too hard to get. Does anyone know the name of the Luxemburg airport?


Product Somerset Blend
Company Ramborn
Sweetness  Medium
alc./vol 6.4%
Country of Origin Luxembourg
Region Born

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