Wilce’s have been making cider in Herefordshire for 6 generations. It’s only been the most recent generation that have been willing to sell it and not just drink it all themselves. Wilce’s Dry Cider is one of 4 varieties that now escape the farm.

Wilce’s keep things simple. All the fruit is grown within a couple of miles of the cider house. Around the homestead is another orchard with 32 varieties of apples. When it comes time to make the cider, its all pretty simple and low key. Once the apples are collected they get a bit of a bath. Next, they get smooshed and pressed to release the juice. Then without adding any yeast, a wild yeast ferment kicks off and lasts 6 months. There is no recipe for the Wilce’s Dry Cider, instead, there is Brian. Brian is the head cider maker at Wilce’s, he tastes and blends all the barrels to get a consistent product.Wilces Dry review

6 months later, Wilce’s Dry Cider is run through a coarse filter to remove the chunky bits. There are no sulphates added to the blend. Instead, it is pasteurised to create a shelf-stable product. The only thing that is added to the bottle is bubbles with forced carbonation.Wilces Dry Cider

The Nose

Wilce’s is presenting a wave of bittersweet apple scents, candied apple and earthy notes.

The Taste

This is very drinkable, it’s going down very easy, I better type faster. Wilce’s Dry cider is truly dry, this lets the texture of the tannins shine. There is a whole lot of a sharp bitterness that grabs your tongue and does not let go. The flavours of those earthy ripe apples are very heavy but when this is cold it’s still very refreshing.

Final Thoughts on the Wilce’s Dry Cider

If you are trying to avoid sulphates in your drinks this one is a good choice. The only sulphates in this cider are the ones that naturally occur in the apples.

I can see why the Wilce’s didn’t sell their cider for so long. If I could make cider this good I’d probably be pretty reluctant to let it go too. It’s one of the most enjoyable British ciders ive had in a while.

Product Wilce’s Dry Cider
Company Wilce’s Cider
Sweetness Dry
Alc/Vol 6%
Website wilces.co.uk
Country of Origin England
Region Herefordshire

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