Ramborn Cider is not a one cider show. The CM Blend shows off the apples unique to Luxembourg with the bulk of the CM Blend Cider being made up of the Rambo Apple. The CM Blend is the signature cider made by Ramborn Cider. Check out It shows off all the cider making knowledge gained when the cider maker traveled to UK to learn the craft.

Now I guess you’re wondering what does the CM in CM Blend stand for?  Well it is Commune de Mompach, which is the area where many of the apples come from to make the cider. 70% of these apples are the Ramborn Apple, which I’m becoming a massive fan of very quickly. The other 30% are old Luxembourgian… Luxembourgish… Luxbouger…   Native heritage varietiesRamborn CM Blend Cider

The Nose

A sweet juicy aroma like the spray that comes of a crunchy Pink Lady Apple. It’s nice and floral with  Christmas spices. Elements of a Somerset still cider but the nice inviting part not the “acquired taste” part.

The Taste

Very juicy. You could be fooled into to thinking that this is just fresh juice, don’t worry it has been fermented out to 5.8% ABV. The CM Blend Semi sweet, just a gentle amount of acid. A creamy moose like mouth feel that makes it super easy to drink.

The whole thing reminds me of a creaming soda or maybe an Irn Bru. I’m not sure if either of those soft drinks is available outside of Australian (Creaming Soda) or Scotland (Irn Bru) but that’s what it reminds me of. Basically the CM Blend has the same red berry elements sweetness as these soft drinks. These Rambo apples make a great, easy to drink cider.

The finish lingers a little but it’s not with a clingy sweetness, instead it’s the berries and apple skin that hold out the longest

Final Thoughts on The CM Blend

Some ciders are deep and complex to the point they are scary, challenging or simply off-putting. Despite using unusual apples Ramborn’s CM Blend is incredibly drinkable. Soft, fresh, juicy scrumptiousness in a bottle. Don’t serve it too cold or you won’t get the full round mouth feel which is one of the charms of this cider. Ramborn Cider is a small company so the distribution is pretty localised at the moment so The CM Blend seems like a pretty legitimate reason visit this tiny European country.

It may be an early call but this could be in my top 5 of 2016.

Product CM Blend
Company Ramborn
Sweetness  Medium
alc./vol 5.8%
Website Ramborn.com
Country of Origin Luxembourg
Region Born

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