Peckham’s Farmhouse Cider is taking classic English cider apples and fermenting them in a traditional manner…… but made on the opposite side of the world in New Zealand.

Now you might have seen an older vintage of this cider on the site but that was written by Marguerite of Instagram via ms_guide_to_cider_and_more fame. But now it’s my turn and it’s the newer 2020 vintage.

Do the wrinkles on your face tell a story? Are callused hands mean a fuller life? Does the same hold true for apples?

Do apples need a hard life to develop a better flavour? Starve them of water to keep the sugar density higher, Force roots deeper underground in search of minerals that end up in the flesh of the apples.

The concept is well established in the wine world. The Europeans crave a rocky hillside to plant their grapes into. As cider makers refine their craft, they too are looking for soils to intensify the flavour. The bittersweet and bittersharp apples are grown on heavy clay soil where the roots really need to work to get down deep to get to the water.

The Nose

Can I check the passport on this cider? The can says Product of New Zealand but the smell is wafting down the river Wye in England. Sweet burnt orange and saddle leather sitting in the barn. That’s all thanks to the old English cider apples that go into Peckham’s Farmhouse

The Taste

Bold, dry and full of fruit. There are similarities to the Kingston Black but they are helped out by the other apples in the cider. The result is something more bitterness in the back end and bold tannins and some more acids. The fizz level is on the lower side. Controversially for this style of cider, I’m going to say it is better fresh out of the fridge rather than the suggested slightly warmer cellar temperature, it’s just a bit more vibrant.

Final Thoughts on the Peckham’s Farmhouse Cider

Westcountry farmhouse stye ciders can be found around the world. Aussies make them, examples can be found in North America and of course New Zealand. The original farmhouse-style ciders from Sommerset or Herefordshire might be too bold for many but the localised version still holds many of the original traits but what Peckham’s have done is rather elegant. Take the classic cider apples and techniques but have made it much more approachable. And after all, we want more people to enjoy more well-made ciders. So, this is a big thumbs up in my book.

Product Farmhouse
Company Peckham’s Cidery & Orchard
Sweetness Medium-dry
Alc/Vol 5.6%
Country of Origin New Zealand
Region Upper Moutere, Nelson, South Island

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