Real Cider Reviews first American Cider is “American To The Core.” That’s how Julian Hard Cider describes their Harvest Apple Cider. Cider is probably America’s first drink. Sporting a Bald Eagle, Julian Hard is trying to review the traditions literally axed in days of temperance and prohibition.

Julian Harvest Apple Cider ReviewBelieve it or not writing Real Cider Reviews is not my full-time job. My real job is a start-up with offices in Sydney and San Francisco. Recently I must have done some good work because my boss brought me back some American Cider.  So this is the first in a 3 part series on American Ciders or Hard Cider, as they like to say.

You may have heard stories of Johnny Appleseed. He spread apple seeds and seedlings across what are now the Eastern Agricultural states. This gave rise to hundreds of new varieties, perfectly suited to their specific geographic and weather conditions, survival of the fittest. Every county had it’s own orchards and flavours. Keep in mind these apples were grown for cider production and not for eating. Drinking cider was often safer than water.

Then came one of America’s worst mistakes, prohibition. This gave rise to corruption, organised crime and the cutting down of most of the established orchards. So much of the genetic diversity established by Johnny was lost forever. Julian Hard Cider with their Harvest Apple Hard Cider are seeking to recreate, not only the flavours but restore cider to its former glory.

Julian is also the town where the cider is made, it’s just inland from San Diego, in southern California. I wouldn’t have thought of it as an apple-growing region. Some varieties have been bred to grow in the warmer area. Some I’m going to guess are what’s being used here. The local apples are claimed to be 100% hand-picked to go into a 100% fresh juice based cider.

The Nose

Big, bold, powerful nose full of yeasty odour that brashly confronts you as the pint glass approaches. In the background is a good hit of cut grass drying in the sun. This has one of the strongest scents of any of my recent reviews.

The Taste

Julian’s Harvest Apple is a very pale cider with a gentle, small-bubbled fizz. Quite dry overall with the grass notes being relayed onto the taste buds. It reminds me a lot of the Golden Axe cider from Melbourne, only this is dryer and more intense. Towards the bottom of the bottle, as it warms slightly, you get a much more intense juicy fresh apple flavour ringing through. The finish isn’t completely crisp but that’s OK here it suits the earthy, grassy nature of the “hard” cider.

 Final Thoughts on The Harvest Apple Cider

Julian’s have set them self a task. Create a cider based on traditions that have been pushed underground for so long. But the basic principles have lived on. The Harvest Apple Cider only uses fresh juice to make a full flavoured, dry cider. This flavour is so bold you can’t help but think there are some proud Americans working in a shed under a star-spangled banner.

If this is what the United States is producing you can see why the cider market is growing so quickly. I’m looking forward to the next two ciders.


Product Harvest Apple
Company Julian hard Cider
Sweetness Medium Dry
Alc/Vol 6.99%
Website (under construction)
Country of Origin USA
Region Julian, Southern California


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