This is part 2 from Incy Wincy Cider. Scurrying along behind is the evolution on the X3, known as The Huntsman 2017. Named after the big Aussie spider known for living in cracks in wood. 

And living in the wood is what this Huntsman Cider does best. The team at Incy Wincy Cyder have taken 100% pink lady juice apples, juice them and fermented it over oak chips to create the Huntsman. The oak features heavily in this cider. Just like the X3 these apples get sourced from Wilgrow in Batlow. 

Using oak chips mean that the cider maker can use shiny stainless-steel tanks without the stress and expense of using traditional oak barrels. The oak will add tannin while tempering the acid. 

Incy Wincy Cyder Huntsman ReviewThis is an unfiltered, bottle conditioned cider so the serving suggestion is to chill it in the fridge for a good few days allowing the sediment to settle at the bottom of the bottle. Then pour it gently to the glass to leave the sediment behind. 

The Nose 

Crispy Pink lady flesh shines through in the scent. Lemony fresh and inviting. There is a slight note of acetobacter displayed as a subtle vinegar note 

The Taste 

Head to head with the X3, this has a slightly more sweetness and a lot less heat from alcohol, despite it being 9.2%. The Huntsman’s got a bit of an oak flavour smoothing over everything rounding it out… smoothing everything out. Incy Wincy have created a cider that is pink lady apple in a glass with the acid turned up to 11, it’s very bright. There are hints of bitter, dark chocolate and vanilla rounding it out. 

The Huntsman 2017 is bottle conditioned but it has fairly small, dainty bubbles but they do come rushing out. 

The tail fades from crisp to lime like sourness. Something familiar to the X3, it’s intriguing and it calls for another sip. 

Final Thoughts on The Huntsman 2017 

Last week I said I was looking forward to seeing where Incy Wincy Cyder would take their next cider and I am so glad this is where they took it. This has a much broader appeal. There is still depth and character, but it is so much more drinkable…. slowly this is a very strong cider.  

Product Huntsman
Company Incy Wincy Cyder
Sweetness Off Dry
Alc/Vol 9.2%
Country of Origin Australia
Region Wollombi NSW



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