Apple Pie Cider, it’s an idea that I have tested before. But this one from Wild State Cider takes it in another direction. Is this American apple pie version proper upper crust?

So, laying all my cards out on the table, with my set of taste buds a little bit of cinnamon goes a long way. Wild State Cider’s Apple Pie has cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg just as an apple pie recipe would dictate but the black pepper is a new one on me.

Ingredints- Apples, Cinnamo, Cloves, Nutmeg, Black Pepper

The Nose

I mean this is an apple pie inspired cider. So, you guessed it there is plenty of cinnamon and brown sugar. I was expecting more baked apple vibes. It’s not backwards in coming forward.

The Taste

My First impression is this is much dryer than I was expecting. It is sort of jarring that the Apple Pie Cider is so dry. Couple that dryness with the large bubble fizz, it gives the texture of a nice firm crust on the pie. The cinnamon is the most obvious component of the cider working in tandem with cloves. It isn’t until later into sip that the apples come into play with long lingering smooth cooked apple warmth. Is that the pepper coming through?

Final thoughts on the Wild State Cider Apple Pie Cider

I often try and suggest a time or place where the featured cider should be drunk or perhaps a food pairing. But I am stuck here. It’s a well-made cider, but when is the perfect time to drink it? Having it with an apple pie could be a bit double denim, just too much of a good thing. That cinnamon kick is a challenge for food pairings or session drinking. I’ve got it, picture this, you’re hiking or biking to the campsite. You want to keep the weight down, so you’ve only got 2 cans of cider with you. The first is a light and bright high acid cider to wash away the trail dust as you’re setting up the tent. Then a bit later, after you’ve cooked dinner on the campfire as the stars replace the sun in the sky, the Wild state Cider Apple Pie is the dessert.

Product Classic Dry
Company Wild State Cider
Sweetness Dry
Alc/Vol 5.8%
Country of Origin America
Region Duluth, Minnesota. Apples from Washington State

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