The Ci-Fi, The Cider Fiction, the latest cider brand from Pinnacle Drinks. The cider “Probably created by a renowned winemaker

Yes, that is a direct quote from the side of the can. So, is it made by a winemaker or not? To confuse the matter further, the label goes onto say “Fiction You’ll know by the taste if this is true” I’m not really sure how to interpret this information.  This can also say it cold-pressed, in the 7 odd years I’ve been writing about cider I’m yet to hear of someone hot pressing an apple.

I went looking for more information on Pinnacle’s website. They didn’t even list it as one of their brands, so your guess is as good as mine.

Ci-Fi Cider Fiction Cider back of the can

The Nose

Cider Fiction isn’t offering up a lot in the scent department. What little there is, is light, grassy with a little Pink Lady Perfume? No sweet scents, nothing giving hints of an impending dry cider. One of the cans I tried had a distinct eggy aroma, which is less than pleasant.

The Taste

I swear I have tasted this cider before only wrapped in another label from supermarket-ish brand. I was thinking about doing a copy-paste job but I wouldn’t do that to you readers.

Bright acids, medium sweet levels of sugar, enough apple flavours to remind you of a fresh red apple but not necessarily a cider. But at least it’s got a distinctly average amount of fizz. There is nothing terribly exciting, nothing too offensive.

Final Thoughts on the Cider Fiction

There is a real problem in cider markets around the world. There is confusion in the marketplace caused by “ready to drink” spirit and flavoured sodas being labelled as ciders undercutting the more expensive fully fruit-based ciders. Is it or isn’t it a real apple-based cider made by someone with winemaking skills, only muddies the market further? A real cider maker shouts about how proud they are about their fruit. The Cider Fiction flirts with lies and it seeks to confuse.

Besides that, even if the Cider Fiction is made with fruit, it’s just boring and tastes the same as the other maybe apple-based “ciders” on the market. Meh.

Product Ci Fi Cider Fiction
Company Pinnacle Drinks
Sweetness Medium Sweet
ALC/VOL 5.0%
Website Nothing specific at the time of publishing
Country of Origin Australia
Region Barrasso Valley, South Australia

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