The Wild State Ciders Semi-Dry cider is one of the Minnesotan cidermakers most popular ciders. starting as a completely dry cider with a dash of juice to sweeten the situation. 

This is a pretty common technique in new world cider making. Firstly, make a bone-dry cider. This is the base cider; it is the foundation for all the other ciders in your range. From here it can be enriched with other additives. The Wild State Cider Semi Dry doesn’t go too wild here. It simply adds back in, fresh unfermented apple juice.

The Nose 

The Wild State Semi Dry has an interesting smell. It has some sour elements mixed in with some autumn (fall) leaves. Some strong acid notes coming in over the top

The Taste 

I’m surprised by a little apricot element reflected in the 100% apple-based apple cider. Those strong acids and sour scent notes carry over into the taste. They probably help to hide the relatively low 3 grams of sugar in the can. That’s not quite dry but certainly not sweet, making this very easy to drink and keep one all night without too much fuss. Towards the backend, there are hints of its dryer stablemate sneaking in elements of gritty minerals sparking in the late fizz. Overall, it’s super sessionable 

Final Thoughts on the Wild State Cider Semi Dry 

This is a highly competitive market segment; it is not tooth-rottingly sweet and is not a can of dry dust. It is the type of cider that every bar should have on tap, and this is a great example of the genre. This combination makes it very pub grub friendly. Matching with a burger on the bar, nice. Extra bacon on the burger, now you’re talking. 

Product Classic Dry
Company Wild State Cider
Sweetness Dry
Alc/Vol 6.9%
Country of Origin America
Region Duluth, Minnesota. Apples from Washington State

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