2 Brothers started a brewery, then they made a Little Apple Cider. This is a cider by beer makers and not wine makers. That influence runs deep into production, but how does it affect the cider?

The brothers, Andrew and Dave spent some time in the US about the early 2000’s just as the craft beer revolution was accelerating. The pair decided to live the dream and quit their relatively sensible jobs and opened a brewery called 2 Brothers .

The beers they were turning out were well received and winning awards. The pubs they were selling to, started asking for a cider that they could serve alongside the beers. That’s when they decided to make the Little Apple Cider.2 Brothers Little Apple Cider

Most ciders in Aus are made from eating apples and the Little Apple Cider is no different. The base of this cider is mostly Victorian Pink Lady apples. Unlike most Aussie cider the Little apple cider is made with beer brewing tanks as opposed to wine vats. A wine making vat is a stainless steel tank with a flat bottom ensuring maximum contact with the yeast. The beer brewers use tanks with a cone shaped bottom which limits contact with the yeast at the bottom of the tank.

The cider is bright filtered, another beer making technique. Then carbonated as it goes into the bottle.

The Nose

Orange blossom and some gentle sweet earthy notes, It’s not horsey like a French farmhouse cider but there is an element of a stable as it warms.

The Taste

Upfront, the Little Apple Cider is surprisingly fresh, light and sprightly. Sweet caramel tones roll over around the bubble with a hint of mint freshness cutting in. The Little Apple Cider gets the mix of complexity and drinkablity just right.  A few heavy elements hang round a little too long, particular as the 2 Brothers cider warms up, but that doesn’t upset me too much.

People new to cider will find a little more depth in this compared to the run of the mill mass market stuff but it’s not overwhelming yet it’s got enough for fans to go back for more.

Final Thoughts on the Little Apple Cider

A good midweek drink, refreshing enough to wash away the work day and complex enough that you can think about it if you can be bothered on a Wednesday night. It’s very easy to drink especially well chilled. Over all I’m really enjoying this one.

Product Little Apple Cider
Company 2 Brothers
Sweetness Semi Sweet (4% sugar according to 2 Brothers)
Alc/Vol 4.9%
Website 2brothers.com.au
Country of Origin Australia
Region Melbourne, Victoria

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