3 Son’s Cider is a pretty new maker on the cider making scene for most of us, but they have been making cider since 2012. The 3 Sons Cider Pomme is one of their most popular blends.

Doug, the cider maker at 3 Sons Cider and I surprisingly have a fair bit in common when it comes to our cider influences. We both learnt to love cider while traveling in the UK. We both started learning about the technicalities of cider through the excellent book Real Cider Making On A Small Scale” by Michael Pooley & John Lomax. . And we both like a nice simply made dry cider.

3 Sons Cider Pomme

Now that is a label to be proud of.

The Pomme is a simple blend of Galas, Granny, Fuji and Red Delicious apples grown in the nation’s capital, no, not Sydney or Melbourne it’s Canberra. When the apples trees are having an off-year, as they tend to do, 3 Sons source apples from down the road at Batlow. These apples are fermented out to near sugarless state. A whack of good old bottle conditioning, leaving a bit of sediment and you’ve got the Pomme.

The Nose

Fresh out the bottle there is a massive hit of sweet rich apple juice, leaning towards baked apple. Give 3 Sons Cider Pomme a little moment to settle and warm in the glass, the scent sharpens up showing off a bit more of an acidic edge. It’s got elements of an astringent British cider and even a little under-ripe watermelon. Pour in the sediment and you are going full on baked apple.3 Sons Cider

The Taste

It’s more than a little bit acidic. There is plenty of apricot and a little bit of that sour watermelon. Medium dry with plenty of fruitiness.

The finish has a little bit of a chalky residue, which is complementing the little of bite left in the rice of my chicken and leak risotto I’m pairing it with this evening. Plenty bubbly with a straight up finish.

Adding in the sediment makes this a whole other cider. Maybe I should be a bit more careful with the pouring. The Sediment amps up everything. Plenty more sourness and it does make the texture of the cider smoother. While adding the sediment is the drinkers’ choice, the 3 Sons’ cider maker does not add it to his glass.

Final Thoughts on the 3 Sons Cider Pomme

There is a raw honesty about this the Pomme beverage. I like the fact that 3 Sons Cider are not playing with the Pomme too much. They let it ferment out, they don’t filter out the sediment. It just is. It’s a bit like your old mate, familiarly, yet interesting enough to keep you coming back.

Product Pomme
Company 3 Sons Cider
Sweetness Off dry
Alc/Vol 6%
Website 3sonscider.com.au
Country of Origin Australia
Region Canberra, ACT

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