Alpine Cider has added the new Alpine Cloudy Cider to its range. It’s the story of cider that is lucky to be around and has since been snapped up pretty quickly.

The Alpine Cloudy Cider is made from a mix of roughly 50% red eating apples and the rest is a secret blend of cider apples. All of which are grown in the Wandiligong orchard. It’s lucky that there is even a Cloudy cider this year. Back when this vintage’s fruit was growing it was the peak of Australia’s Black Summer. While the orchard was narrowly spared the worst of the bush fires the smoke hung thick in the air for 4-6 weeks while the apples were growing, reducing the sunlight hitting the fruit. Luckily the fruits thick skin didn’t let in any smokey flavours, unlike many wine grapes who were also effected by the fires.Rear label of a bottle of Alpine Cloudy Cider

This year’s season is looking like a much better yield which should mean there are a few more of these bottles on the shelves. A little rain right about now would be pretty useful to help the young fruit along.

The Nose

Once you pour the Alpine Cloudy Cider into a glass it reveals some fresh citrus, but it’s not a sherbet bomb. Instead, there is a yeasty almost brioche element that offsets the freshness. It’s all quite inviting.

The Taste

The first sip is a big hit of brown sugar but it’s not a sweet cider. At 7% most of the sugars have been fermented away leaving an off-dry. As that brown sugar fades away, income the tannins, very gentle tannins with a slightly brought texture. It leaves you a big round juicy apple flavour.

Final Thoughts on the Alpine Cloudy Cider

The Alpine Cider has a fatal flaw. The mix of that sweet allusion and dry apple finish makes it very appealing.  In this heatwave the east coast is suffering through, the Alpine Cloudy Cider it is bloody easy to drink right up until that 7% abv kicks you like a mad mule.

Product Alpine Cloudy Cider
Company Alpine Cider
Sweetness Off Dry
Alc/Vol 7%
Country of Origin Australia
Region Wandiligong, Victoria

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